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Accurate Color Viewing

Images on this website will appear with correct color balance and brightness
on monitors calibrated to the following values:

White Point:
Luminance (Brightness / Intensity):
LCD Monitors:
120.0 cd / square meter
CRT Monitors:
100.0 cd / square meter

These images are tagged (embedded) with ICC profile sRBG IEC61966 – 2.1 and will appear correctly on current versions of most browsers. Older versions of browsers without color management other than Apple Safari and Firefox may display images incorrectly.

Mac Users: Macintosh Operating Systems since OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard (released August 2009) use a gamma of 2.2 by default. In versions of Mac OS X prior to 10.6, the default system gamma was 1.8 which will display web images too brightly with washed out colors. In these older operating systems the gamma value can be changed by recalibrating – selecting a gamma value of 2.2 (Color tab in System Preferences > Displays).

Browser Limitations

Firefox: from version 3.5 enabled by default for ICC v2 tagged images, version 8.0 has ICC v4 profiles support. Firefox is configured by default to enable color management only for tagged images. In order to extend it to all page graphics (assuming sRGB for untagged elements) users should access the advanced configuration menu as explained in the following URL:

Safari: supports both v2 and v4 ICC profiles but has no control over color on other page elements. Tagged images look correct, but on wide gamut LCD monitors other page elements will exhibit over-saturated colors.

Opera: has color management support (ICC v2 and v4) since version 12.10 (2012). Earlier versions of Opera were not color managed; embedded ICC profiles were ignored and entire pages were rendered on the monitor colorspace..

Internet Explorer: version 9 (2011) is the first version to support color management. Untagged images and page elements are assumed to be on the full monitor gamut. IE9 assumes the display is sRGB and ignores any color profile associated with it. Thus IE9 cannot be trusted for critical color evaluation. All previous versions of IE are not color managed.

Google Chrome: version 16 (2013) was the first version to provided ICC v2 and v4 support on Mac OS X, and from version 22 supports ICC v2 profiles by default on other platforms. Previous versions of Google Chrome were not color managed.

References and Further Information:


To test the accuracy of any browser with Macintosh, download an image and open the file in Photoshop, Apple’s Preview or any other other color managed, image editing program. Image # N5 is a good example (Gallery I, top row). The color of the water will clearly reveal any difference in a side by side comparison of both image displays (browser and image editing). This is only pertinent for the images on this site and other web images which have embedded color profiles.


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