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Ilfochrome Prints
Limited Quantities Available

Ilfochrome (Cibachrome) prints of many images in this discontinued medium are still available. This superlative and uniquely beautiful medium had long been the preferred choice of galleries and museums and is the premier method for optically producing fine art color photographic prints. Always rare because of its legendary difficulty and costly materials, Ilfochrome is increasingly of interest to collectors. The photographer exclusively hand printed Ilfochrome until 2008 when he discontinued its use because of chronic and insurmountable difficulties in procuring the product and its processing chemistry.

For more information and prices see Ilfochrome Prints.

Archival Pigment Prints

These are printed by the photographer with Epson Professional Imaging series printers on Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper. This premium paper, made in the U.K. and introduced in late 2007, is a breakthrough product. It provides saturated color and visual acuity not possible with traditional fiber based media. Sharpness, or resolution of fine detail, exceeds that of any other inkjet medium and is comparable to the sharpest optical print media including Ilfochrome.

Its extremely high D-Max, minimal gloss differential and a micro porous smooth glossy (F-Type) surface exhibit superior color brilliance, cleaner whites, deeper blacks and a wider color gamut compared to other fine art inkjet papers.

This heavyweight paper (325 grams/meter2 and 13 mil thick) is acid and lignin free. In combination with Epson’s UltraChrome K3 (Vivid Magenta) inks it features excellent fade resistance and archival permanence.

Heidelberg Primescan drum scans of his original transparencies are adjusted for printing by the photographer. These scans from 35mm film are 300 MB and from 6x7cm medium format are larger. Adjustments to convert a high resolution scan file into an optimum quality print file typically require 30 to 50 hours of Photoshop work.

Standard size prints
(nominal 11" x 14") image area: 9 3/4" x 13 1/2" – matted to 16" x 20".
Archival Pigment Prints  -
$ 140.00*
Large size prints**
(nominal 16" x 20") image area: 15 3/8" x 19 3/8" – double matted to 22" x 26".
Archival Pigment Prints  -
$ 250.00*

 * Plus a shipping charge (USPS Priority Mail) of $12.00 for any quantity of standard size prints or $25.00 for any quantityof large size prints in a single order within the Continental U.S. Please inquire about shipping costs to other locations.
** Large prints of images A4, B9, K4, L7, N5, R6, R7, S1, V2, W8, X3, X5 and Y1 are usually in stock for immediate shipment. Please inquire about availability and lead times for other large size prints. These prints have a height-width ratio of 1:1.26 and are therefore less rectangular than standard size prints (1:1.38). Thus, the large prints are necessarily cropped about 9% on the horizontal or long dimension. If requested, a web size JPEG image showing this format will be Emailed.

Order Prints

Phone (703 533 1043) or Email orders to – including name and mailing address and the size, quantity and print numbers listed on the Gallery pages under each thumbnail image (for example, A4, B9 and etc.). A PayPal invoice will be e-mailed which can be paid on-line via a link to their secure web site. Most credit cards are accepted, and it is not necessary to have a PayPal account to process these transactions. If preferred, payment is also accepted by personal check mailed to the photographer’s Virginia address:
Carter E. Gowl
116 Cloak Lane
Lake Frederick, VA 22630


Window mats are Rising 4-ply 100% cotton fiber white museum board with a hinged 2-ply backing of the same material and an additional 3/16" foam board backing. These and all other materials used are acid–free and archival.

Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper with Epson UltraChrome K3 inks provides estimated archival display permanence (no noticeable fading or change in color balance) for 90 years framed with conventional glass, more than 150 years with UV (Ultraviolet) filtering glass and more than 200 years in dark storage – based on accelerated testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. (updated April 23, 2010). See

The original photography is both 35mm and 6x7cm, using primarily Kodachrome 25 Professional and Velvia 50 films. No color filtration was utilized in the original film photography. In scanning, Photoshop imagery adjustments and printing the photographer has endeavored to reproduce as closely as possible what the eye perceived without manipulation or deliberate alteration.



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