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Photographer Carter E. Gowl

Additional Information:

Cooke City, Montana
and the Beartooths

About These Images

The Absaroka Beartooth Mountains of Montana and Wyoming comprise the largest expanse of high elevation terrain in the contiguous 48 states. The unique weather of that region often creates dramatic skies. During rare conditions of almost perfect atmospheric clarity, the incredible, undiffused light can reveal amazingly brilliant and vivid color.

Ilfochrome prints, optically hand printed by the photographer from his original transparencies, and also archival pigment prints, are currently exhibited and sold at 11 multimedia fine art galleries. Six of these are located in Montana and Wyoming. The photographer has been printing Ilfochrome (called Cibachrome 1963 1991) since 1978 and began to publicly exhibit his work in 1993.

Since early 2008, because of continuing difficulties procuring Ilfochrome media and chemistry on a reliable basis, archival pigment prints are being produced from high resolution Heidelberg Primescan drum scans.

Images displayed on this site are necessarily low resolution to expedite loading speed. A sample of image L5 reveals improved image quality. Of course nothing displayed on a computer monitor can come close to the radiant beauty, rich color and exquisite detail of an Archival Pigment or Ilfochrome print.

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